Wenzhou Manufacturers Said The Recent Substantial Increase In Foreign Orders – Ding Industry

Entered in July to the Wenzhou Dingye Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Yong extraordinarily busy, in addition to high-profile as HC Food Industry Network “2008 China Food (5.33,0.02,0.38%) Industry Ten selection “The total title Commerce, Li Yong also announced to participate in the 15th China International Food Processing, Packaging and Print Technology Exhibition, which all have significant rebound from the recent domestic and international markets to Li Yong of the confidence rebound.

Packaging machinery industry as a large enterprise, Wenzhou City, Dingye Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, the company specializes in “Ding industry” brand packaging machinery and related products, with a number of advanced processing equipment, the main production automatic film Sealing machine , Sleeve-type packaging machine, shrink packing machine, vacuum packing machines and other packaging machinery. Despite 10 years ago in Asia

Financial (2.5, -0.05, -1.96%) decline in the crisis of experience successfully dealing with orders, but the decline in exports last year, or to put pressure on Li Yong. “The market is the most critical time in August last year, the face of reduced orders, we adjust the product structure, increase the domestic market Sell The same time, continue to increase technical input. “In the recent HC Network (0.5,0.03,5.26%) Dingye Cup” 2008 China Top Ten Food Industry Award “ceremony, the Beijing Morning Li Yong told reporters.

Strategic realignment a year ago, the effects appear in this year, Li Yong said: “The implementation of policies to expand domestic demand, we have 20% of domestic market growth, the central, more visible growth in the Mainland.” However, the most to Li Yong surprised, or export of significant warming, “in July from overseas orders to reach its peak only in the U.S. and European markets, we are in July orders for the month of more than 500,000 U.S. dollars, which is unthinkable last year.”

In fact, Li Yong, foreign trade enterprises in Wenzhou enterprises not pick up the case. Wenzhou Foreign Trade Department, from the data, footwear, Clothing , Glasses, synthetic leather and low-voltage electrical characteristics such as pillar industry in Wenzhou City, the momentum started from July, significantly improved on. July, Wenzhou City, the total import and export up to 13.4 billion U.S. dollars, the chain increased 10.1%, exports of apparel and clothing accessories, Wenzhou, also hit a single month this year, the largest increase since.

Li Yong said: “Before this, the United States and Europe customers for Packaging Machinery products in China are biased, we used to export to the United States, Germany and other European countries soon after forwarded to the neighboring LDCs. It is because of the global financial crisis, many European and American customers reduce costs, start trying our products, give us a platform to showcase their strengths. “

“Our price is only one-fifth of the foreign counterparts, but the most important thing is technology, food packaging machinery industry, European and American customers are very demanding requirements for technology, our technical level of opportunity for us to win.” Li Yong said that as at the end of August, the company’s overseas sales already exceeded 2 million U.S. dollars, far more than a year ago, but the trend showed increasing month by month. “More importantly, the United States, Canada, Germany and other European and American market began to accept our products, this is one of our biggest harvest.” BOLA TANGKAS