Western-Chinese Restaurant- Your good Choice for Low Calorie Dining

The authentic Chinese food has many vegetables and cooked with little or no oil which is a part of a low-calorie diet. However, the food at Chinese restaurant in the West is like a ‘Westernized’ version of the traditional Chinese food. These American-Chinese and Canadian-Chinese food is rich of calories. So people move to Western-Chinese food menu to have a low-calorie diet.



Following are a few guidelines that will help to eat healthy at your favorite Chinese restaurant:


1) When it comes to placing an order for appetizers, you should avoid foods like egg rolls and spareribs. Instead, you can opt for egg drop or wonton soups. Any low calorie broth-based soups will best suit your diet plan.


2) Other main course dishes that you can order include Chinese delicacies, such as the Shrimp Chow Mien, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Steamed Spring Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken Skewer, and Chicken served with broccoli and Chop Suey.


3) Any dish that includes steamed or boiled chicken or shrimp, and steamed vegetables is a good choice.


4) Do not order dishes that are made with sweet and thick sauces. Also, avoid any food that is battered or floured and then deep-fried. A dish prepared with loads of vegetables and little oil is the best choice you can make. Instead of the deep-fried foods, you can opt for the stir-fried, roasted or broiled ones.


5) Although fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese foods, it should be strictly avoided if you are really keen on following your low-calorie diet plan. Fried rice, especially the one made with eggs, is rich in fats and cholesterol and is a big ‘NO’ when it comes to including Chinese foods in your diet plan. If you are fond of rice, you can try brown rice that is healthier than fried rice.


6) Think twice before placing an order for dished that are described as “crispy” or “battered” in the food menu. Also watch out for dishes that include noodles, chow mien, and marinades.


7) Other bad choices would include Kung Pao chicken, crispy duck, dishes laden with rich sauces like Hoi sin, dumplings, and lo mien.


To conclude, Chinese cuisine offers a lot of healthy choices that can be made a part of your health diet, but you need to be prepared before visiting your favorite Chinese restaurant.