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1 3, Hui-Kang Group price of 11.11 million beat Pacific Coca-Cola , Successfully bid for “Lu Fang” brand ownership. The bid to become Fujian Food & Beverage Beat the market foreign predators national enterprises, local enterprises to protect the first cases of domestic brands. Following the 2007 launch of “Grain Valley power” to enter the national market, Hui Kang Group, the market is to drink out of a mind “heavy fist.”

Sterile Paper Packaging Most products Security Xing, Hui Kang marketing plan to create industry boss
Almost white-hot competition in the Chinese beverage market, as local Private enterprise , In order to survive in this market, they must find their own core strengths, develop core competitiveness. Hui Kang Group visionary founder, Mr. Ye Zhengming years ago to start thinking, and recognizing the sterile paper packaging will be the beverage and food product packaging is preferred.

Because, as Life The continuous improvement of people Consumption Habits and food structure to improve people’s growing awareness of health and safety, food safety has become the primary basis for consumer choice. Beverage food production from the technical analysis of the production of aseptic filling and packaging technology of paper production process as aseptic environmental requirements, can not add products Preservative Under the premise of maintaining a high quality good taste, compared to Plastic bottles And cans and other packaging, aseptic packaging paper products, safety and natural degree is the highest.

Aseptic packaging of the biggest advantages is: in sterile conditions, the ability to reserve the original nutrition and flavor of food. Therefore, the Hui Kang chose from the early stages of development in the sterile paper packaging category in the bigger and stronger, and strive to become industry leaders.

After ten years of development, today’s benefits to the north of Heilongjiang Kang already have, in squat, Wuhan, Xiamen, south of the three major production and sales base. In 2007, with the Hui Kang Oriental Food City 1 Project The production, Hui Kang Group currently owns 44 Aseptic filling with Production Line , Where “grain valley power” has 37 workshops on the world’s most advanced aseptic Packaging Line The annual production capacity of up to 30 million metric tons, is the world’s most advanced liquid technology Cereals Aseptic food shop, but also laid the Hui Kang in the field of aseptic packaging paper and Breakfast Nutrition Convenience food In the field of industry leading position. Oriental Food City

the next round is put into operation, will have 70 Aseptic packaging lines, became the world’s largest capacity aseptic manufacturing enterprises. Meanwhile, with the rich product range, good quality, reasonable price, Hui Kang’s sterile paper packaging products, this category has been occupying the highest market share. Ye Hui Kang contention Group president, said: “Hui Kang capacity and the market in both size and continually build and strengthen their core competence!” It is in this strategic consideration, “Lu Fang” brand high aspirations.

Leading national company best placed to Chinese food industry Hui Kang is not the first start

food & beverage industry chose this line, President contend the words leaf amazing: “I think only the Chinese people to better understand the needs of the Chinese diet, future, only the Chinese enterprises to become China’s food leader. After 16 years of beverage industry, today, I still believe that China’s future leader of a certain food and drink companies in China, and Hui Kang will be a strong competitor. I believe that national businesses to own ways and large foreign companies with court contend. ‘Lu Fang’ is our nation a good place brand, has 20 years of brand precipitation, its brand value, only, and with it the growth of fellow who can deeply appreciate and cherish it. ‘benefits Kang ‘is’ Lu Fang’ most appropriate ‘-laws’. It Hui Kang and development of its brands together, and fight foreign brands in the Chamber! “

“Lu Fang” as the beverage market, Fujian, the oldest of local brands has been well received by consumers. In 80-90 years, people thought of drink paper packaging products, said his mouth is, “Lu Fang drink it.” Era of relative scarcity of material, “Lu Fang” for its good taste and quality, became the embodiment of sterile paper packaging products. With the rapid development of market economy, more and more beverage brands into the spotlight, but the “Lu Fang” is still a quality brand perception of consumers. “Lu Fang” sterile paper packaging products, long-drink market in Fujian Hui Kang holds a share after the second child. Hui Kang

the photograph, “Lu Fang”, the same as even more powerful, bigger market share not only through the consolidation of the Hui Kang firmly in that category in the market dominant position, at the same time, through the brand, Hui Kang will also increase competition with international brands of chips.

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Technology Methods of food preservation, is being packaged food in a short time before packing after sterilization, and then in the packaging, is packaging, packaging aids are sterile conditions, in a sterile environment for filling and sealing of a packaging technology to the food do not add preservatives, without refrigeration, they have a longer shelf life (at room temperature can be maintained year to year and a half non-degenerate) purposes.

Currently in the market, the aseptic packaging of food (especially the small aseptic packaging) occupy more and more market share. The reason why more and more aseptic packaging of consumer favorite, largely determined by its characteristics, aseptic packaging can use most appropriate method of sterilization (such as HTST method, UHT law) on the package contents to bacteria, so that color, flavor, texture and nutritional quality of food ingredients such as fewer losses. As the packing Container And food were bactericidal treatment, so no matter how the size of the container, can be a stable product quality, and even large-scale production of packaged food. Furthermore, after the sterilization and packaging than food and the container difficult to place between Packaging Materials Ingredients to the food reduced melting penetration, is conducive to the authentic food. As the surface of the container sterilization technology more easily, and has nothing to do with the contents sterilization, so do not ask the heat resistance of packaging materials, strength requirements are less stringent, and easier to achieve sterilization is suitable for automated continuous production, it is both artificial Energy . Xiao Bian excellent Recommendation: BOLA TANGKAS