What a True Martial Artist Is

What is a true martial artist? Here are a few of many things that defines one.

A true martial artist is, in essence, a warrior. Not necessarily an actual soldier, or person who wears armor and carries weapons, fighting wars as a profession. He/she may not be these things. What the are, however, are disciplined, sharp individuals that will persevere through rough spots in life. They are willing and able to adapt.

He/she is a person who respects both tradition and revolution. He/she will strive for more knowledge in all areas, constantly pushing towards another level of skill and understanding. He/she not only practices the physical aspect, but also respects and benefits from the mental aspects of the martial arts. They constantly strive to better themselves, upholding a moral code, both mentally and physically. They understand the wisdom is just as powerful as physical strength.

A true martial artist is confident but very humble. He/she restrains himself from drawing attention to his/herself through the showing of their skills. True martial skill is dangerous, and therefore it should not be displayed, nor should the fact that you have any martial knowledge. A martial artist values anonymity.

He/she is also open minded. He or she will always listen to someone else’s opinion, and give a new concept a chance. He/she is courteous, polite, and respectful.

He/she has a high level of integrity and self discipline: a true martial artist does not need to word or eyes of another to do something, and to do it with a high level of quality. He/she is honest and trustworthy.

He or she accepts a high amount of responsibility when teaching in the martial word. He/she must always be honest about teaching legitimately, as well as if what they are teaching is authentic and effective. He/she also has the responsibility to always research and learn new methods, as well as continue to perfect the old.

He or she is dedicated to any cause they take up, and loyal to any person they become friends with. If someone is in need, a martial artist is obligated to help. If a fake martial artist is using his skills to hurt someone wrongfully, then it is the true martial artist’s responsibility to stop it.

A true martial artist will never abuse his or her knowledge, and will only use it for the good of others (Teaching people to defend themselves, as well as defending people who are defenseless; or even using it to serve your country).

That’s a lot, but its true. Meditate on it.