What Are All the Conspiracy Theories of Freemasonry? Satanism & the Occult Science

Quite often, the Freemasonry is referred to as an Occult Science. The Freemasonry originates back to about the 1600’s. They class themselves as a Fraternity. The Freemasons rely on the symbols to which they only know the meaning of. They will sometimes refer to the greatest architect of the world. This is known as the creator and the freemasons take it upon themselves to pay homage to his presence and recognize his actions.

Some of the anti Freemasons believe that this fraternity is a satanic cult. This is based on the premise that this organization is an Occult science. It is believed that Satan uses the occult sciences to control the world. Some believe that a satanic organization is a worldwide spread that has the ability to influence people. These groups have their own agenda when it comes to spiritualism, finances and political view. In the concepts that are used to influence others into believing that, what they are promoting is factual. Some people believe that the entire financial world is under the control of the occult. To add to these particular people feel that even current day religions and the law enforcement agencies are under this evil control as well.

Some will even go further into believing that the media is under the control of the Freemasonry. This is based on their thought that are of the large systems worldwide belonging to a handful of prominent families. It is believed that these families use their business to control the finances of the world. An example of this would be the Banks. It begins a roll over effect that the inflation index including the existing interest rates are totally dependant on the occults. Believers who feel that the occult exists think it was created to be able to determine whatever challenges may present themselves. From having powerful plus international infrastructure this makes it feasible.

Those who believe this premise is applicable to the Freemasons feel that it’s through their numerous branches and organization that they are united. This means that occult believers feel it’s the leaders that are the real messengers of Satan. This is the culprit who gives the instructions to the Leaders and may appear in a human form. It would mean that the money system of the world as well as the political bodies would be under this rule, if what these people are saying were correct.

Occult believers’ state that if you joint one of the occults then you be accepted and included in their secrets and will end up being demon possessed which leads to modern slavery.

Being as everyone is entitled to their opinions it would be difficult to determine who is right in their beliefs. It has been a topic of conversation for a long period as to whether the Freemasons are in fact an occult or just a very secretive organization or even a sect of religion. There have been some very prominent individuals over the years that have been in the Freemasonry. This does not make it an acceptable organization just because of these individuals.