What Are Some Self Defense Techniques To Use If You Are Without a Weapon?

Whilst prevention is always better than cure sometimes you just cannot help contracting the disease. We can all control where we choose to spend our time and with whom we wish to spend it, we can also exhibit greater awareness of our surroundings. If you are unfortunate however to find yourself face to face with an assailant there are many self defense techniques that one can use to protect yourself.

If someone attacks you with a knife for example, use the palm of your hand to strike them in the nose with an upward motion. This should be one swift smooth motion depriving your assailant of a chance to counter. If you are successful in doing this your assailant should be in a position that allows you to administer a devastating blow to the groin bringing them to the ground. At this point you should make a swift escape and contact the police.
If an assailant attempts to grab you from behind use your heel to kick them in the knee .This would be similar to a ‘mule kick’ where you would raise your leg up bending at the knee and kick back as hard as you can. If for some reason you are unable to do this, a kick to the shin or stomping on the toes (depending on the type of shoes your attacker is wearing) can be just as effective in incapacitating the attacker.

If kicking your assailant is out of the equation then a head butt to the nose or mouth will do just fine, or even a combination of both. If you are able to cause significant damage with your head butt your attacker should release you giving you a chance to make an escape.

In a situation where one of your hands are free, use it to grab one of your attacker’s finger (preferable the little one, as it tends to be the weakest) and pull it back as hard as you can. Your goal here is to break the finger; putting your attacker in so much pain he has no choice but to release you. This might seem a bit graphic for you but keep in mind this person is about to do something much worse to you.

It is clearly evident why taking class in self defense techniques is important as it gives you the tools to defend yourself when called up on. It also allows you to develop the mental capacity that allows you to execute these techniques without a moment hesitation.