What are the best places to invest in property in UK?

The recent survey suggested that the number of students that took admission in different programs in the UK have risen by 30000, this year, which is a huge number. This number requires a lot of accommodation space, which the university campuses lack so the students tend to find the best private accommodations on their own. If you are thinking to investment property for sale up, then this might be the right kind of chance for you. We will discuss here the best options for student accommodation in UK.

The Birmingham city:

This city is the home to three universities and the number of students coming to this city for education purpose increase by 50000 who are need of lodging facilities. The rents have also increased by 15 percent in region since 2011 that is a great opportunity for investors.

Nottingham City:

This city is the house of two international universities and has a great number of students turning up here every year. The property price is high over here so the students tend to go for the rental basis. The average yield that the property can provide you in these areas was calculated to be 6.4%.

London City:

The most famous to invest if you are interested in investment property for sale UK. The city is the house for most famous universities and the average yields that the properties here offer are around 6.4 percent too.


The city has two universities and enrolled around 33,000 students last year, which increased the need of private student accommodation in the area as well. The average yield expected by the investors who were interested in investment property for sale UK in this area got it by 6.4 percent.


The city offers great student rental opportunities as the students here prefer to live in the city area so you can get your hands on the yield of 6.2% by inviting here in the student property.


The city has an active population of about 15,700 students this year and is supposed to increase with time as well. The city gives the yield of 6.1 percent and is highly suitable for the students as London and Edinburgh are very near from this city.


Reading has the student’s population belonging to 2 universities and offer almost 25,000 students each year. The active average yield over here is calculated to be 6.1 percent that is very well.

Manchester city:

The famous Manchester city is the house of three famous universities and caters almost 50,000 students each season. The city is regarded as one of the most regarded ones for students and yield 5.8%.


This university also houses leading universities and the great number of students each year. The average yield in this city is calculated to be 5.8%.
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