What are the Disadvantages of Doing Business in China?

Like any other business in the world, importing from China has also its disadvantages. China has been pushing itself to modernization and has gained the attention of the world markets since the 1980’s.  But despite all that, China is not a westernized country, they have retained their own philosophy in their politics and culture, and these factors greatly influence the way they do business.

The first hurdle you will encounter in doing import/export business in China is the language barrier. The international language for trade is English, though Chinese businessmen know the language, they learned it as a textbook language, meaning that they can be fluent in speaking as well writing in English but their listening comprehension be a problem.

But not all of them are like these, there are many Chinese men who study abroad and go back to their country to business, and these are the men you wouldn’t have the language barrier in doing business with.

The next is, Chinese have their own way of doing their business, and they have a short-term perspective when it comes to business relationships, especially with foreigners. No matter how much your try to convince them that you are in the business with them for a long term, they will stick to their belief that in time, you will bring your business elsewhere. They don’t give it any thought if you want to invest in them or not, since they also believe that anyway, others will invest in them in time. These beliefs are brought by cultural as well as historical influences and are deeply integrated to them. But there are those who also want to do long term relationships, if you are lucky enough to find one stick with that supplier since that would save you a lot of money, time and effort. But to be safe, keep a network of suppliers that you may want to work with, so in the event that the supplier that you are currently working with cannot meet your expectations, you will have options to where to go next.

Then there is the quality. Over the ears, as China goods flood the US, the Chinese products has gained a lot of negative publicity like tainted food products and substandard building materials. Quality is one thing that you really have to stress out to your Chinese suppliers. This word in China is as frequently used as the words “yes” and “no”, and as a business expert said, the more you use a word, the more it loses its meaning.

As the Japanese are good in creating things, Chinese are good at copying them. In China, quality basically means “it looks the same”. Knowing this, an importer should – and would have a hard time doing it – convince their suppliers that there not only interested if the products look exactly the same, you have to stress it, over and over again that they have to do the quality according to your specifications.

But don’t let these hurdles stop you from doing business in China; there are numerous opportunities to make money in importing Chinese products for the business man who is willing to take time and the effort to learn how Chinese do their business.

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