What Carpet Brand Resists Stains the Best?

When it comes to finding carpets that resist stains, there are some brands that do tend to perform better than most, and some types of carpets and rugs that tend to hold up better to stains.

What Brands Should You Shop For?

In general, you’ll find that Mohawk, Shaw and Stainmaster all provide some pretty strong, stain resistant carpets. These carpets are specially designed to be resistant to stains, so of course, it stands to reason that they’ll work a little better than your average carpet.

There’s no such thing as a brand of carpet that’s literally impervious to stains, but Mohawk, Shaw and Stainmaster do tend to take a bit more regular use than your average carpet before showing the signs of age in stains and wear and tear.

What Colors Are Stain Resistant?

You’ll notice that the vast majority of homes across the country are carpeted in darker colors, and for good reason. White carpeting and other lighter colors can be beautiful, they provide an air of luxury and class, but they also need to be cleaned quite a bit more often than other colored carpets.

In general, it’s a good idea to stick to darker colors, and warmer colors. These tend not to show stains as well as white and other light colors. You’d be surprised how well even a drop of coffee shows up on a white carpet when compared to that same droplet of coffee on a dark green carpet.

A regular carpet cleaning is in order now and then regardless of the color of your carpet or whether the stains are visible, but the fact remains that a white carpet almost always looks dirty, even when it’s only a little dusty from regular use. It’s also just about impossible to get a darker stain out once it sets in unless you want to ruin the carpet’s texture with bleach.

Beyond making sure that you get a stain resistant brand and a stain resistant color, you should just buy the style of carpet you want. Whether long or short shag, the material the brand uses to create the carpet and the color are the main factors in how a carpet stains.

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