What Causes Acid Reflux – Do You Know What Causes Acid Reflux

Acid reflux mainly occurs when foods or the digestive juices escape from the stomach and reach the food pipe. We have to make sure that the stomach has enough acid at meal time to digest the food easily. There are many foods that cause acid reflux. Apart from the food we take there are many other factors that can cause this disease.

The factors that cause acid reflux include:

Different foods have different effects on people. Anyhow it is good to avoid these foods. These include coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods, chocolate, dairy products and fruit juices.
Smoking increases the acid inside the stomach. This may cause burning in the chest and food pipe.
Eating too much is what causes heartburn. The acid produced to break down the excess food increases and some of it gets back into the food pipe. Also, eating large amounts of food before going to bed is not good. It is better to keep the head in a raised position while sleeping.
The type of clothing you wear is also important. Wearing tight fitting clothes around the waist puts extra pressure on the stomach and pushes the contents up towards the esophagus.
Give your body at least two hours to digest your food properly. Never lie down immediately after eating a large meal. Eat smaller portions of food at each mail. Obesity otherwise called overweight, can also increase the abdominal pressure. If you are overweight, reduce the amount of food that you eat at each meal.Exercise daily so that it helps you to reduce weight.
Never eat while you are feeling anxious or nervous. Eat only after you feel relaxed.
Avoid alcoholic drinks which reduce the digestive power of the stomach.
Other foods that cause acid reflux include citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes and oranges.
Chocolate is also very high in acid content and typically causes acid reflux.
Anything fried for example fried chicken, French fries, potato chips, corn chips should be avoided.
Packaged foods and junk foods should definitely be avoided. Many meats are high in fat and should be avoided.
Some spices that you add to your foods can cause heartburn. For example Peppers and chili peppers can irritate the lining of the food pipe.

It is always good to consult a doctor before starting with a new diet plan. Always keep track of what you eat. If you have already experienced the disease try to avoid those food items as much as possible. Mostly people go for natural cures which is cheap and best. Try to understand what causes acid reflux. Cure is always secondary when compared to prevention.

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