What Causes Acne and Acne Scars?

Acne is a common skin condition that usually occurs during puberty. Usually acne affects adults because of deeper bacterial problems and can also burst among women with menstrual flare-ups. During the menstrual cycle hormone level fluctuates at women and more androgen is released.

Acne irruptions occur because of hormonal imbalances. Usually acne occurs during puberty. In this period hormones are released in more quantities because body prepares for maturity and reproduction. These hormonal changes affect teens and their metabolic functions. These hormonal changes can also cause behavioral modifications at teenagers. An adolescent changes his mood several times a day. A teen can get up in the morning and be in a very good mood and after a few hours he can change his mood to a muddy and grumpy one. We must always understand a teenager and we must understand that this behavior does not happen because of the adolescent fault. A teenager can’t control himself sometimes, because of these hormonal imbalances. His instabilities will disappear once he grows up.

Acne can be embarrassing sometimes; it can appear just before the first date with someone special, just before a center show performance or just before an important meeting. But you must not be embarrassed by pimples, as long as you try to treat them.

Acne usually appears due to excess of see-bum during hormonal imbalances. See-bum makes your skin oily and greasy. A bacterium that normally lives on our skin, called acne bacterium, combines with dirt, dead skin cells and sweat. On this oily and fatty breeding environment, this bacterium flourishes, clogging pores and causing pimples to form. You can try to cure pimples with some natural home made acne remedies. You must never squeeze, press or crush pimples because you will only make your acne worse.

First thing to do when a pimple appears is consulting a good dermatologist, because he can give you useful and important information that can help you in treating your acne. Dermatologists can tell you exactly the cause of your acne, your stage of acne and your skin type. This information helps you find the best acne treatment solutions for you, because for each person there is a different treatment, for people are unique individuals.

Sometimes all acne products you have tried didn’t work. This happened because those acne treatments you took didn’t treat acne at the heart of the problem, but only covered up pimples after they already appeared. There isn’t a point in treating one pimple without doing anything to stop new ones that appear. You must find a good acne treatment that treats acne from two points of view, a treatment that heals the skin and kills bacteria.

The most important thing is keeping your hope, because there is always a solution for your acne problem. Even if you try more acne treatments than other individuals, you must never loose hope. You may travel a hard long way until you will heal your pimples but treating acne is not an impossible thing to do.