What Causes Acne? Find Out Today!

Zits, pimples, acne, whatever you may want to call it – are still a sight for sore eyes especially when you have these dotted all over your face. But what causes acne? People have various assumptions on how acne comes about – either it’s because of poor hygiene or it is a trait that they have inherited from their parents, meaning, it’s in the genes. But whatever the cause of your acne may be, don’t fret because contrary to what those bullies may tell you, acne can be cured and you’re not cursed to live your whole life looking like strawberry.

But first things first, the most important thing that you should know in order to treat your condition is what causes acne. This way, once you know about the things that you have been guilty of then you will now be able to know the proper way to treat your acne condition.

One of the main culprits behind what causes acne is poor hygiene, and how is that you ask? Well you could be neglecting your skin – not just your face but on your back and other parts of your body as well. You can either forget washing your face before you go to sleep, forget to take off your makeup before sleeping, or you also forget to wash your body well when you bathe to wash away the sweat that has seeped into your skin especially on your back. All these result to unsightly zits.

On the flipside, excessive washing of one’s face can also lead to breakouts as washing strips your face of its natural oils prompting your skin to produce more oil which in turn clogs your pores and turns into zits. Remember that just like with everything else in this world, moderation is key so wash your face for a maximum of three times a day. Just get rid of those deep seated dirt with toner and make sure to apply moisturizer to keep it from drying.

Another common cause of acne is heredity. While it might be more of a challenge for you to solve your acne problem when this is the supposed cause, there are many preventative measures as well as maintenance solutions to keep your condition from worsening. If there are certain foods or brand of products that causes your skin to breakout then by all means, avoid those please. As you are naturally prone to get breakouts then do yourself a favor and take better care of yourself. Imagine how much harder it will be if you end up with a face full of zits just because you didn’t listen to this advice rather than being more aware of your surroundings and making an extra effort in taking care of your skin.

Remember, having a clear and clean complexion is so much better that piling on makeup. Not only will it save your thousands of dollars from buying unnecessary cosmetics each year but the natural look has always been far better. If you must wear makeup then just use it to highlight what you think are your best features rather than end up looking like a totally different person. Less is more.