What Causes Aging of the Face?

All of us age. This is a simple fact of life that no living creature can escape. However, it is also well known that some people just age better than others. So, why do some people stay young looking while others do not? It all has to do with aging of the face.

The face is one of the most commonly used things to gauge age. Hair can be dyed or even replaced. Teeth can be replaced. However the skin never lies. Luckily, skin is a lot easier to keep looking young than you might think!

The biggest secret to staying young is giving your skin what it needs to keep repairing itself. The largest part of looking older isn’t numbers or years going by, it’s that the skin stops being able to repair itself as well. A healthy diet with lots of antioxidants and at least eight glasses of water a day are the foundation that allows your skin to repair itself.

Simple everyday habits are extremely important when it comes to staying young. Age builds up over time due to everyday actions, so make sure your daily actions help your skin. Things like getting at least eight hours of rest a night and always washing up with soap and water before bed will really build up over the years into a more youthful appearance.

Another more hidden cause of facial aging is the sun. A little sun is healthy for the body, but everyday exposure will cause lots of skin damage over time. Sunburns and tanning (even if you use a tanning bed) are especially bad for skin and should be avoided. Wearing sunscreen daily and keeping a wide brim hat on during the hot months will help you keep a more youthful complexion as time goes by.

If you are the kind that loves the look of sun-bronzed skin, there is an option that won’t cause unsightly wrinkles! Bronzer powders are available in most beauty stores which will give a sun-kissed glow without all the damage. Some bronzers are even made out of natural minerals from the earth or contain sunblock for extra safety.

Everybody will age as time goes by, however, you do not have to grow old poorly. Now that you know a few causes of aging of the face, you, too, can grow old beautifully and retain a healthy complexion until your dying days.