What Could You Buy With Five Dollars?

Are you ready for the 2010 Christmas Day? Maybe you are busy with the making preparations, as Christmas Day is the most important festival for us after all. It is a good opportunity for people to relax themselves and looking back. Although some people may feel tired when they prepare for it, it is worth doing well. Let the 2010 Christmas become a wonderful memory for you!
The adornment is necessary for Christmas Day just like the big dinner on Christmas Eve, but it will cost a lot of money sometime if you do not plan for the adornments. How to build a warm and happy atmosphere without spending lots of money? I would like to share my experience with you and my secret is to buy different cheap gifts or gadgets from dealextreme e-shop. This famous e-shop does not only have a good reputation, but also a wide variety of products which are necessary for Christmas Day. Another important reason to choose it is the cheap price and most of products are cheaper than five dollars. Can you image it? Let find out what we could buy with 5 dollars.
As the Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas Day, it is a good idea to give your friends the unique creative Christmas tree shaped memo pad as gifts. This kind of memo pad is made by high quality paper material and it contains 150 paper clips.
The part is the most exciting section on Christmas Day, no one can miss it especially the signal person. You should but a chicken feather eye mask for the special day, and when you wear the exotic and super sexy mask, you will be the most charming one in the party.
Another cute gift is the colorful LED desktop Christmas tree. You can put it on your desk or on the floor because it is very small and light. The blue light in the darkness will raise the image of night sky.
The attachment accessories for DX LED Christmas lights are indispensable for Christmas tree, and you can find different kinds of lights in this e-shop, such as star, butterfly and animal.
The golden metal round ringing bells and colorful metal ringing bells are made of iron material. Their bright color will make your Christmas tree more beautiful.
Certainly, except for the bells, other ornaments for Christmas tree are essential. For example, the gift box, red star, Father Christmas with bells or snowman is all good choice. All of these ornaments are made by high quality materials, so you reuse them in the next Christmas. How economical it is! BOLA TANGKAS