What Do Aftermarket Motor Oil Additives Actually Do For My Engine Efficiency?

Is it smart to pour after marketplace additives into your motor oil? You could be risking the wellness of your engine if you do! Does Slick 50 ring a bell?

Slick 50, and businesses of the like are synonymous with FTC complaints and lawsuits! In one particular instance, the manufacturer of Slick 50 didn’t win a lawsuit that was instigated by FTC, an investigation of claims that they delivered reduced engine wear as effectively as enhanced engine performance ended up costing Slick 50 millions of dollars.

If you happen to be considering about a certain oil additive it’s worth your while to verify this website out to support your decision along: www.ftc.gov/ .

Proving for your self that an aftermarket oil additive is actually doing anything for you in your engine is nearly not possible unless you have access to full blown engine shop with dyno.

Because overall performance improvements are tough to demonstrate it is easy for these fly by night companies to pop up with the next new miracle additive that will give you 37% more power with engine protection that lasts forever. B.S.

The reality: most of the additives that supply a true performance benefit and a actual protection advantage are already in the good quality motor oils on the market place. To the credit of high quality motor oil producers, they’re not a easy feat to create. Adding every single additive to the mix comes with a expense and a advantage.

Bottom line is that dumping an aftermarket additive in your engine with your oil is not going to necessarily make any impact at all, except maybe place a dent in your pocket book. Never place any additives in your engine’s oil, chances are that your oil won’t execute like it ought to afterwards!

All you need to do is acquire a good quality oil, modify it when your manual recommends or what your oil manufacturer recommends. I know, it really is basic to tell a person to just go get some good quality oil, but what is difficult is determining who is providing the true deal and who’s a scam. Be sure and understand almost everything you can about the best synthetic motor oils.