What Do Ground Moles Feed On?

Moles are feeding almost all the time as they do not have the ability to store food in their bodies. The moles are said to be greedy as they will feed on almost 70 to 100 percent of their body weight per day. The task now is how to get the food. If a mole is supplied with food it can feed on that much. The moles are said to feed on so much food because they use a lot of energy as they dig tunnels and burrows, therefore the need for more energy which is why they are constantly feeding.

Moles must eat a large amount of food; though they will feed at intervals because their stomachs are not relatively large to accommodate all the food at one go. If a mole eats its fill and then doesn’t eat again for the rest of the day, it can starve to death within a period of 24 hours!

Moles are basically insectivorous mammals; however the moles vary in what they feed on. Some of the moles seldom feed on plant roots, this is not really feeding but biting, and this is probably in search of some fresh or fruity taste or supplements in their meals. Studies carried out on moles that are tame show that when they are fed a diet strictly of vegetables they soon die of starvation. It is therefore shown that moles are not vegetarians.

Moles will feed on animal matter such as insects and vertebrates found on the ground like grubs, millipedes, ants, earthworms and other insects, both as larvae and as adults. A look at the moles teeth will explain what the moles feed on.Some moles look like they are carnivorous or flesh eating animals. However there is a breed of moles, the star-nosed mole, which venture into the sea in search of food. This breed feeds on small fish in ponds and rivers and other animals in the marshes and river banks, which is where these breeds of moles live. Moles move all year round which is most likely the reason why they don’t have storage of food.

Moles do not hibernate during winter and therefore do not need to store food. However moles will kill and keep the dead insects in the tunnels. This happens when it is autumn and there is a good supply of insects. The moles kill the insect by cutting off their heads and will store them. They will still look for food in winter as they are always feeding, and can damage a lawn as they dig tunnels and as they look for insects that have hibernated underground.

Most people think that the moles are feeding on the lawn but actually they are looking for small insects to feed on as they dig. This is what makes moles so very destructive.

Moles cause devastation to lawns and gardens because they are in search of food in the soil all the time. When they come out to feed at night, they are certainly going to destroy and dig into the soil as they hungrily look for food.