What Do You Know About Immunity Boosters?

Immune system plays an important role in the body as it protects the body from harmful germs and diseases. This system is made up of special cells and tissues-mostly white blood cells and lymph nodes-that are always on the alert for danger, always ready to fight off infection. Immunity boosters in immune system protect us from getting illness.


As we go through our daily activities, we are largely unaware of how it is constantly at work to keep us disease-free. Perhaps the only time we actually stop to give it some thought is when we do get sick. When this happens, we wonder how we got infected, where from, and most importantly, why.


The reason why we get sick is largely because of a weakened system. Constant stress, lack of sleep, and imbalanced diet are but a few of many things that can undermine the immune system. Whether it is from bad habits or the usual challenges of a busy life, many people do experience a lot of stress, do not get enough sleep, and eat unhealthily. They then become prone to infections, because their immune system is no longer in peak condition.


This underlines the need for immunity boosters. Research has shown that many of these boosters come from food. Edibles that improve immune activity include fish such as tuna and mackerel; fruits such as strawberries, kiwi and lemons; and vegetables like broccoli and spinach. These contain helpful oils, vitamins and minerals. Also highly recommended are garlic and yoghurt. These are known to have a fortifying effect on macrophages, the white blood cells that destroy germs by devouring them. Also of note, vitamins A, C, and E have antioxidant properties, while vitamin B, zinc and iron directly strengthen white blood cells and the immune system in general. However, some of these nutrients must be taken in the proper amounts, as excessive intake can cause the opposite effect and harm the body instead.


It is for this reason that doctor’s recommendations regarding diet and multivitamin supplements must be strictly followed. It is unsafe to take dietary supplements indiscriminately. One must choose doctor-approved supplements only, such as Isotonix Multivitamins. This contains all the essential vitamins and minerals in the correct amounts, and is specially formulated to bring about maximum immune-boosting effect.


There are non-food immunity boosters as well, and they include regular, moderate exercise. It must be stressed that excessive physical activity is not good for the immune system at all, so exercise should be easy or just mildly intense. Walking and jogging are great examples. These moderate forms of exercise increase blood flow, which in turn speeds up the movement of white blood cells throughout the body. Also, when the body temperature is increased, whether from exercise or fever, the immune system becomes stimulated.


Meditation, relaxation and simple hobbies are other activities that serve as immunity boosters. The repeated experience of calmness and contentment helps us handle stress better. As mentioned, chronic stress is highly detrimental to the immune system. Learning to cope well with stress is therefore an important requirement for one to have a healthy immune system, especially for people who have very busy, hectic schedules.