What Dosage of Fish Oil Should You Take For the Best Health Benefits?

What is the right dosage of fish oil that you should take to reap the best health benefits? When you start thinking about the right dosage of fish oil that you should take, you’re way ahead of most people.

This is because most people only look at the price of a bottle of omega-3. This can be deceptive, because you have to look at the EPA and DHA levels in the product to be able to properly compare it. These are the two omega-3 fatty acids that you want.

The FDA has not made any suggestions for the dosage of fish oil, which is leaving people confused. But did you know that recent studies have shown that even if you take a lot of fish oil, there are no side effects. In fact, if you take a lot of ultra refined, pure and high-quality omega-3 you’re most likely only going to benefit more.

The only concern is if you’re using a low-quality product that could be contaminated in some way. This problem completely goes away when you do your research and find a company that makes the purest and highest quality omega-3 supplements available.

You should also contact your physician if you’re on any medication, such as blood thinners, because they may cause interference. It is suggested that the average person that is healthy should get around 200 milligram of omega-3 per day.

I’ve been doing research into supplements for many years. I personally use and recommend an omega-3 supplement that is a blend of hoki and tuna oil. The special blend has been shown to increase fish oil benefits up to 2½ times compared to other omega-3 products out there.

These effects have been studied and researched to be true. It took me a long time to find a really good supplement like this. By doing research and learning more you find the best supplement for your body.