What Drives A 1080p Projector Million Era

BenQ , Optoma in the second half of 9999 yuan in 2009 to 1080p full HD projector is a foregone conclusion. Video projectors traditional domestic manufacturers Lethal Weapon, with 3T Cooperation Basis, will also be listed in the 11 before a target market from 6000 to 7000 yuan for 1080p projection models. One time, it seems Low Full HD home theater projector manufacturers pursuit of profit has become the focus. This projector market in 2009 overall, “bleak” in the context, it is particularly eye-catching.

Targeting yuan 1080p home projector market will fundamentally change the domestic industrial structure. Previously known to the high-end projection of fever seems to be into the popular home theater market. Million based on the established price, 1080p 720p projector will completely replace the main market position. 2009 product sales of 1080p over 720p products will be the first time. A series of signals that belong to a new generation of full HD products competitive landscape is taking shape. ?? So what reasons have promoted the introduction of yuan BenQ full HD home projector also clear up.

Harvested as a low-cost strategy, BenQ still rely on their low-cost strategy for the future

Recent years, the BenQ brand projector products in the domestic market Sell Increasingly higher number until the first quarter 2009 sales volume of titles. Although the average price of a lower level impede the impact of two indicators of its sales and profit margins are still not sufficient to stabilize the market Ones. But sales have been sufficient to meet the first title was a latecomer, second-rate projector business, “the glory of being.”

And BenQ in a similar predicament, whether it is Lethal Weapon, or are cheap Optoma battle of the “great players.” One look at the Optoma projector a monthly entertainment to thousands of sales, you can know the energy of low-cost birth, as well as the benefits from these brands. As the beneficiaries of low-price strategy, BenQ are naturally willing to amplification of this strategy, then magnifying until you really become a projector market segments each of the overlord.

In the retail market, domestic products are “most expensive” products, is also a giant Japanese brands still occupy a dominant position in the segment of product line. The home for the retail and end-user market is a “price sensitive” type of market. BenQ are here to play the price war experience is a very good battle battlefield.

Strong position Losing entertainment market, cinema market, a natural reserve

Mentioned above, an entertainment Optoma projector sales per month can reach thousands. This is only a few hundred thousand units in sales, with dozens of brands of projector industry is not a small figure. The price to 3,000 yuan, 800 * 600 resolution of entertainment for the signs once the projector BenQ, Optoma creation myth of the main market. However, since 2008 began, the myth of the specific actors, entertainment projector is facing “adequate” situation.

08 onwards, Sony , Toshiba, NEC, Acer, Samsung, Dell, ViewSonic, Sharp … … so large projector brands are strengthening the “Entertainment Projector” products in the market distribution. Eroded under numerous brands, especially those who love spending by consumers Electronic And office products in the international competition has caused giant, BenQ, Optoma projector in the entertainment market, such as “share” the loss.

Trend as a response to the above measures, adhering to the projection of entertainment and cheap entertainment concepts, BenQ direction of their strategic choice is not much. Of low-end 1080p projector, 720p projector more low-end, or even at the market and entertainment projectors to coincide, as they maintained for some time past Neiming Ji “entertainment market” giant image of the “best” choice.

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