What Everybody Shoukd Know About Paraben Free Face Care

It seems like every time you turn your head there is some new skin care product that is being promoted or launched. That is just how fast the world of skin care is. And at that quick pace it is moving be reminded to be careful and ensure that you use paraben free face care.

As a consumer it is difficult to know which skin care product you can trust, especially now that the media has made it easy for skin care companies to broadcast these so ‘persuasive’ adverts. So it is really easy to get caught up in the frenzy and end up using cheap and potentially dangerous products of all sorts.

However, let us take a clearer look on the use of parabens. What are parabens? How are they dangerous to the skin and if they are what is the alternative?

Parabens are a group of chemicals which are widely used in cosmetics (e.g moisturizers) and pharmaceutical industries as a preservative. Some examples are methyl, propyl, ethyl parabens.

Some studies suggest that they cause cancer (particularly breast cancer). It is believed that Parabans cause breast cancer because of thier ability to affect estrogen levels in your body. They can also  cause allergic reactions and skin rashes. See how devastating the effects are!

I was appalled and disgusted by the fact that most of these top selling skin care brands know how toxic parabens are but still insist on using them. This goes to clarify how selfish the skin care companies are to be so reckless. Because to them it is all about profit as parabens are much cheaper for them to use in thier products.

It is not only in face creams where you should be careful but you also make it a point to use paraben free lotions and creams. Imagine the effects if you used such products on your entire body.

For skin care brands whose objectives is to put your skin’s health as their prime priority there are much safer alternatives like Natural Vitamin E.

Vitamin E , which is rich in antioxidants helps combat the damaging effects on your skin of free radicals. Because of this ,it also acts as a ‘natural’ preservative to in skin care and other cosmetic products by preventing them from oxidizing and going rancid.

Furthermore Vitamin E reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and unlike parabens it can help decrease the effects of more serious conditions such as psoriasis. As well as the fact that it may help reduce the risk of skin cancer rather than causing it!

With taht said it is clear why effective paraben free face care usually contains Vitamin E as an active ingredient.

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