What Fees Are Us Shipments Going To Toronto Subjected Too?

When you’re shipping between two different countries, there are a few extra types of charges which are going to apply to the shipment. Delivery services have to charge higher fees when delivering to other countries because of international law. No matter what you’re shipping to Canada, you are going to have to account for at least a few types of costs which aren’t going to apply to simple domestic shipments.

The first of the fees that you will have to pay on every shipment is the fee that the customs brokerage will charge you. Every single package that you want to send to Canada is going to have to go through a customs broker. On each package that they handle they will charge you a flat rate for the processing of the package.

People that are used to shipping between these two countries quickly realize that this presents them with an opportunity to save some money. Instead of paying a small fee on every little shipment, they combine as many shipments as they can into a larger single load. This means that they end up only having to pay the fee a single time. This can add up to a substantial saving for any company that does regular business with Canadian customers.

The next fees that you have to worry about are the taxes. Even if you’re used to shipping to Ontario in the past, it is important to learn about the taxes which apply to shipping to Toronto because the regulations have changed in the last year. Instead of having two separate taxes, there is now only a single tax. In the past, some goods would be subject to both taxes, some to only one. Now, almost everything that you ship to Canada in Ontario will be subject to the 13% harmonized sales tax.

If you’re shipping certain other types of goods, there could be fees and duties that you have to pay. These are very specific though, and shouldn’t apply to the majority of goods that you’re shipping into Toronto. The best way to be sure of what fees you’re going to have to pay is to obtain a consultation with an experienced international shipping company. They can let you know exactly what additional fees you should expect to pay on your specific shipments. This is useful to do before you start selling to Canada, as it can inform the pricing of your products. BOLA TANGKAS