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faster and faster pace of life today, the microwave oven is not as busy people without tremendous gospel. Fast food has become our society’s new diet concept. Some people believe that microwave cooking of food will make the nutritional value of food reduced by 60% to 90%, including minerals and raw enzymes, vitamins B, C and E and anti-fat and bile substances, nutrients and even proteins also decreased.

Experts pointed out that, in fact, any processing of food will lead to the loss of nutrients, not just the microwave. However, loss of nutritional value of 60% to 90% of the data, it is very exaggerated and one-sided. It is not any food once it has been produced by microwave heating are known carcinogens. People who regularly eat microwave food or animal, the body will not be serious physiological changes. Some widely held view there was no scientific confirmation of the one-sided argument, so do not be considered correct. But whatever can not be over, of course, can not be over-reliance on microwave ovens.

Microwave main uses: food cooking, food thawing, reheating food, food drying, dehydration, food preservation, sterilization, etc., there can be drying sweaters moth, homemade dried flowers, ceramic production , boiling black tea fruit juice, the food complex crisp, utensils disinfection, fried nuts, seeds, vegetables peeled to enable the magical effect of drug moth fungus.

Technical experts, according to microwave oven, microwave leakage prevention is the major manufacturers have a technical issue very seriously, especially the international brands, already developed a number of anti-leak patented technology, microwave ovens become a real security products. It is understood that the international anti-leak problem had developed on the microwave strict standards. Production of microwave oven manufacturers have developed a unique anti-leak technology. Microwave ovens available on the market in the anti-leak in compliance with the relevant international safety standards, unsafe microwave oven is not listed, so you can be assured that use. However, the use of microwave ovens have some taboos can not be ignored, such as:

1, Jiyong ordinary plastic containers: the use of specialized containers holding food in a microwave oven microwave oven heating, hot food will make one plastic container deformation, two ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminated food harm to human health.

2, Jiyong metal containers: for into the furnace of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils, microwave oven will be heated with electric spark generated and reflected microwave oven has heated not only damage cooked food.

3, avoid using closed containers: heating the liquid should be used wide mouth container, for heating food in a closed container is not easy to distribute the heat generated, so that high pressure vessel, easy to cause explosion accident. Even if the food in boiling in shell, but also advance with a piercing needle or chopstick in the shell, so as not to cause heated burst, splashing dirty furnace wall, or splash injury.

4, avoid overtime heating: thawing or heating food in a microwave oven, if forgotten out, if more than 2 hours, should not be lost, so as not to cause food poisoning.

5, avoid the meat heated to semi then heated in a microwave: the unfamiliar foods because bacteria will grow, and the second then heated in a microwave, because time is short, not all bacteria killed. Frozen meat must first thaw in the microwave oven and then heated to cooked food.

6, bogey and then freeze the meat had thawed by the microwave oven: for meat thawed in the microwave oven, in fact, the outside has a layer of low temperature heat, and at this temperature, bacteria can breed, and although then frozen to stop its propagation, but not viable cells can kill. The meat has been thawed with microwave, refrigerator, if frozen and then be heated to fully cooked.

7, avoid fried foods: hot oil will occur due to splashing result in a fire. As if inadvertently caused when the furnace fire, avoid opening the door, and it should turn off power supply when the fire goes out before you open the door cooling.

8, avoid the micro-heater placed in the bedroom: At the same time be careful not to use the microwave oven is covered with thermal windows on the gate.

9, avoid prolonged work in the microwave before: Open the micro-oven, the people who should stay away from microwave ovens or microwave oven at least 1 meter from the outside.

In microwave oven on the use and maintenance should also note the following:

[A] microwave oven to be placed in well ventilated areas, not near the magnetic material, so as not to interfere with the magnetic field of uniform state oven cavity, so that efficiency in the workplace. Still and TV, radio from a distance, will affect vision, hearing results.