What If You Don’t Want To Go Through A Body Scanner

More and more scientific evidence is questioning whether body scanners techniques are harmful to your health. Sure, flights from Atlanta to San Juan might be safer if everyone was made to go through body scanner, but they’d also be safer if everyone had to travel naked, but this is a question of comfort and freedom. There is an alternative however to be humiliated by having to go through the body scanner and have someone looking a picture similar to an X-Ray, seeing you with no clothes on essential.

There is an alternative to going through the back-scatter body scanner device that has now been mandatory, whether you’re boarding for flights from San Antonio to Honolulu or flights from Portland to Cancun. Most importantly, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be asked to go through the bodyscanner devise, which is there to help detect the smuggling or weapons or other contraband that a metal detector might not pick up.

If you are requested to go through the scanner you have the option to refuse. You can simply say no. This may not go down well with the security officials manning the scanner, but as a citizen and customer, it’s your right to refuse. In many airports you will be given the option of a full body pat down. This is not a simple pat down of arms and legs, but a more invasive pat down of every surface of your body. It is this that many people refuse to go along with. Refuse this option too, and you may not be allowed on the plane. However if enough people take this option, then the TSA will be forced to back down. You could also threaten to the call cops if anyone touches you or forces you to endure a pat down. You have many options, and in a negotiating position, the best position is the position where you say that you’re happy to walk away. After all, the best way to avoid going through a body scanner is to avoid airports completely. BOLA TANGKAS