What Is A Homeopathic Cure For Tinnitus? – Effective Homeopathic Cures To Reduce That Ringing Caused BY Tinnitus

As you might already know, tinnitus is a very big problem that affects so many people in the world today. The bad thing with this condition is that it is still a mystery even to the modern medical world we live in today.

There are no real clear treatments for tinnitus, though there are a few homeopathic treatments you can try out. You can alternatively place cinnamilk in your ear with a dropper or ear syringe. You will want to use 2 teaspoons of cinnamon per 8oz of milk if you go this route as it is harder to absorb through the ear canal than orally.

Theoretically (according to traditional Chinese medicine/TCM), tinnitus can be treated by nourishing the Kidneys as the ear is considered to be very closely related to Kidney energy (the Liver as well, but to a lesser degree).

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) generally really shines treating those obscure, poorly understood conditions that plague humanity. Like tinnitus. But practically speaking, tinnitus can sometimes be very difficult to treat using any modality. From a TCM perspective, it really depends on the type of tinnitus. Is it loud and acute or quiet and chronic? Is the sound always present or is it related to a change in posture (i.e. from sitting to standing) or strong emotions? Is it accompanied by dizziness?

Broadly speaking, tinnitus related to an “excess” condition (ie. loud, acute sound) can usually be quite easily rectified whereas successful treatment of tinnitus that is due to a “deficient” condition (ie. quiet and chronic) can be more elusive, which is not to say that it cannot or hasn’t been done. For tinnitus in general, there are usually elements of both excess and deficiency at work.

It’s a condition that is quite a bit more complex than just this, and my best advice would be to seek out a suitably qualified TCM practitioner for a consultation. They can assess your condition by considering your other presenting signs and symptoms to give you a good indication of what’s going on. Good luck!

My understand is cinnamon has vitamonr which has been proven to help slow the effects of tinnitus. Combine it with milk for added calcium and its cruise control for a healthy life.

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