What is Personal Branding? And Why is Personal Branding So Important With Today’s Technology?

Personal Branding is all about highlighting yourself as a expert and trustworthy person in your field. What knowledge do you bring to the table versus the competitors in your industry? The expert or go to guy for information is normally the one that people recognizes and trust. The goal of a personal branding is to be that expert that people will do business with. Personal Branding is absolutely required even more, mainly due to the very impersonal nature of the Internet.

When I sold a high end home care system door to door many years ago, I did it through direct one on one contact with my customers. The odds that someone that never saw this product before would call you of the blue and purchased it was next to nil. This product has been sold this way for over 80 years and it will probably be done that way forever. The advent of the Internet and the other technologically medias have now made selling more impersonal. We can go on E-Bay, purchase an item using Paypal and never see the person selling the item.

The personal touch is totally missing from the transaction. The majority of these transactions goes through without a hitch, but what about the ones that the buying party is cheated. The trust factor is the first thing that is highlighted because obviously you did not know this person. Personal Branding helps put the trust factor back into buying and selling products on the Internet. People can now follow you on Twitter, get to know better you on Facebook, read your thoughts and beliefs on your blog, check out your website, “Google” your name or company, etc. before they even go into business with you and that took them a total of 10 minutes.

I had to spend at least 2 hours in people’ homes when I sold door to door to develop the trust factor before they purchased the product. The rules of first impressions applies, because within a few minutes people will know whether they want to do business with you. The importance of a clear personal branding message that is genuine and authentic is the difference between people doing business with you or going to another expert.