What Is Ssl

There are several proxy sites where you can unblock myspace or facebook, log into blocked sites while at work and allow you to surf through a secure proxy. In addition, one may local secure ssl proxies that will let requested websites become encrypted. Not all proxysite services can provide equal levels of secure proxy elements. There are 3 levels of proxies, 1, 2, 3.

The least secure proxy is a level 1. This is additionally called a transparent proxy, and you may simply locate several of these web, and typically for no cost which hide internet protocol addresses, yet if you’ve already been blocked by a website with an intelligent administrator that understands where to look, he or she may locate your internet protocol address that comes in the packet data that’s delivered with the proxy.

A disguised, or second level proxy, is one with additional security which really hides the address of your internet protocol. This is not as safe as a level 3 proxy since the data that is sent will be tagged as a prozy but it would still be impossible for your IP address to be discovered. You can use some proxy sites for low cost.

Level 3 proxies, which are sometimes referred to as SSL proxies, not only hide users IP addresses, they can even hide information that identifies them as proxies. Most administrators who happen to be looking at a level 3 proxy would be unable to distinguish it as such. Usually these proxies are Open VPN secure proxy servers.

If detection of your IP address is not your concern, you may use it for any proxy site in order to access the Internet anonymously. If you need security at all you absolutely need to use a disguised secure proxy, probably one that has ssl proxy features, or you might want to try an elite secure proxy that has the ability to feature Open VPN. BOLA TANGKAS

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