What Is the Best Natural Treatment For Hemorrhoids?

Those who are suffering from hemorrhoids would like to alleviate the problem through natural solutions. Best natural treatment for hemorrhoids varies but most of them aim to treat swollen, itchy and painful anus. Hemorrhoids are in 2 forms and they are known as external and internal hemorrhoids but not both of them will make you suffering from bleeding and painful anus. The external hemorrhoid is more prominent and easy to cure because there are external creams that can be applied on it and there are also natural ways to cure it while the internal hemorrhoid is harder to treat because it is not protruding. It is inside the annuls and only a doctor can alleviate the pain and the swelling. Oftentimes it also bleeds that is why it should be treated by a doctor. There are lots of natural treatments for hemorrhoids and these are some of them:

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1. The Buther’s Broom – the Ruscogen is a known component of the Butcher’s broom and oftentimes, it can be found in tea and capsule forms. It has been considered as one of the best treatment for people who have hemorrhoids problems and it also aims to promote blood circulation. however, it is not advisable for people with hypertension because it may interfere with the type of diet you have.

2. Bioflavonoid – this is the type of natural treatments for hemorrhoids that will surely stabilize the walls of the blood vessels and it will also help in strengthening the blood and body circulation. Citrus fruits are also known as the best natural help in treating hemorrhoids problems. This natural remedy will bring comfort and stability in the anal region so that you will not suffer for a long time.

3. Horse Chestnut – its effect is just the same as what Butcher’s Broom can bring, aside from providing the veins and the blood in the body to be stabilize and freely move, it can help in treating piles because of its Aescin content. Natural treatments for hemorrhoids are not very expensive because mostly they come in herb form. In taking this type of remedy, you need to know first if you are allergic to it or not because some people may be allergic to it also.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber – fiber rich foods are the best not just to relieve and prevent constipation but also to maintain good digestive health in the body. Fibers are natural treatments for hemorrhoids that offer benefits to your overall health.

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