What is the best source of information on EB-5 regional center programs?

For those searching for information on the EB-5 visa, which requires an investment of $ 500,000 in a regional center program there is a dilemma, how does one obtain good impartial advice on the various programs?

Sure, there is a mass of information on the programs available however; much of it is produced by the regional centers themselves or their agents, which hardly makes it impartial. It is highly unlikely that such sources are going to provide details of their weaknesses. For example some regional centers have had problems which prospective investors would certainly wish to know about, such as visa refusals; however details on their sites fail to cover these problems.

If you are searching the web for information on regional centers you may come across some of the expat and blog sites that seem at first sight genuine enough. However, research into the content of some of these sites has exposed serious flaws, such as recommending regional centers that are presently experiencing a variety of problems ranging from closure to visa refusals. The problem being that those giving the advice on the web have often failed to do any due diligence, worryingly a classic case of the blind leading the blind.

Many may ask, in the USA, the country of the sales angle, where marketing is king, with an emphasis on the positives where can one obtain impartial advice. Even going to an Attorney can present problems as many of the leading ones feel their function is to give legal advice on processing the visa not advice on the various regional centers. Some others who do give advice have strong ties with one or two centers or may not have even visited the center programs.

However, there is a source of extremely valuable information that is rarely utilized and may offer some of the best information available. That is information from those families who have actually been through the program and have personally seen the good and bad of the program they invested in, know if they had issues in obtaining the visa, know if there were problems in having conditions removed at I-829 stage and can say whether or not they got back some or all of their $ 500,000 investment. Comparing the actual personal experiences of previous investors is a very powerful source of information that is based on hard facts rather than the usual sales agenda.

Families looking at the EB-5 have different approaches, some just want to know which regional centers with proven programs best match their requirements, others spend literally months looking in great details at all the options and then do very detailed additional due diligence on a shortlist. It is interesting to read about the experiences of previous EB-5 investors and it becomes apparent that there are a lot of important lessons to be learnt from their own journey through the EB-5 maze.

A number of these investors bring considerable, business, financial and legal experience as they are leading accountants; CEOs, lawyers, economists etc so know exactly what they were looking for and required very detailed information.

Feedback from these business savvy EB-5 investors may provide the all important information you are looking for. You can speak with a number of these EB-5 visa applicants by appointment.

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