What is the Best Way to Apply the Law of Attraction?

Do not be a victim of your life cycle. Many people are setting themselves to be victims, not of crimes, but of their own lives, and circumstances.

For everything bad that happens to them, they blame others, they make excuses for themselves and they complain all the time.

The problem with this, is that the universal law of attraction says: “what you focus on, expand”. If you spend most of your waking hours complaining, you will get more to complain about. This is called the law of attraction. And of course this is NOT the best way to apply this powerful law in your life.

Many people want to be rich, yet they are saying things like: Money is not really important! Oh really? Can you live in this world without money? If your answer to this question is yes, then you’re right, money is not important. But if your answer to the question above is no, then you should review your thinking about money.

Why is that? You might ask.

Because what is NOT important to you, you won’t attract in your life. What is not important to you won’t stick around very long. What is not important to you will always elude you. In other words, if you want to attract money to your life, the best way to apply the law of attraction in regards to money is to have a better relationship with it, and get out of your mind that it is not important.

Start by becoming aware of the things you want, and the thoughts you entertain toward these things. Do you want to attract these things in your life? If you do, beware of your relationships and feeling toward them. By defining the discrepancy if there is one, you will be better able to fix the problem and change your way of thinking. The best way to apply the law of attraction is when your thoughts are in harmony with your desire, not opposite.

If you start doing this simple exercise every day, you will start seeing changes in your life, and start getting the results that you want. Start developing love for what you want in order to attract it in your life.