What is the Best Way to Kiss Him? Here’s How to Make Him Go Crazy!

What’s the best way to kiss him? Should you go first, or should you wait for him to make the move? Is there a way to make him want to kiss you even more than usual? It’s always nice to kiss him for the first time, but remember that it can also set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

By today’s standards, kissing him first is fine and acceptable. But by doing so, you run the risk of turning him off, since most of the better guys out there would like to be in control of the relationship — even if it’s just starting out. So it’s usually better to wait until he makes the move.

But even then, you can do a few things to make him go crazy for the next kiss. The first kiss is usually light and sweet — if you’ve seen the Will Smith movie “Hitch,” he’s likely to use the 90/10 rule. He’ll go 90% of the distance, and wait for you to close the remaining 10% to make the kiss.

Here’s the thing — try not to get carried away with the first kiss. Kiss him lightly and quickly, holding it only as long as he does. When he pulls away, don’t force the issue and end the kiss. The lull after the first kiss builds tension and anticipation, and this is precisely what can make him go crazy!

If you were talking before the first kiss, then continue the conversation after it. The longer the lull, the more anticipation it’s going to build. If you don’t resist, he’ll lean in for another kiss — again, keep the kiss relatively light, and pull away when he does.

After the conversation dies down to silence again and you’re waiting for the inevitable third kiss, lean in first this time — and you’ll be surprised when he pulls you closer and kisses you more passionately. This is all that built-up tension getting released, and you’ll love every moment of it.

The third kiss is often a good time to lean in for the kiss first, but you can keep teasing him by waiting a few more kisses. The longer you wait before you kiss him, the more he’ll want it from you at the end.