What is the Best Way to Reduce Stomach Fat in Women?

Did you know that about 2 out of 3 people in the United States are overweight? And did you know that approximately 50 billion dollars is spent each year to reduce stomach fat and help people lose weight? So with so much energy, money, time, and resources devoted to helping people lose fat/weight out there already, why then is American still so fat? Why then spend any more money to buy products that obviously don’t work (if they did then American wouldn’t be so fat, right)?

Men and Woman continue to be fat because they try and gimmicks, tools, and tricks, but avoid the undeniable truth of the following sentence : Reducing stomach fat and looking great at any age is only possible if you do this one thing – You have to consume more calories than you burn. If you do this, it is impossible for you not to lose stomach fat or weight in general.

You can continue being the 2 out of 3 people whom purchase something in the 50 billion dollar a year industry, or you can do what ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL works every time. You can burn more calories than you eat. And it doesn’t matter really how you do it. Like the Nike commercial says, Just Do It.

Don’t fall victim to the numerous predators out there who only sell you hope and deliver nothing. Follow these simple rules to lose your stomach fat for good.

(1) KEEP A FOOD DIARY – this will allow you to determine exactly how many calories you are burning every day. Don’t forget to document every little thing as well, like the pat of butter, the squirt of ketchup, the 3 mints you had, etc.. This will determine how many calories you are consuming each and every day.

(2) KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES YOU’RE BURNING – You may want to invest in something like the Body Bug from 24 hour fitness. This will let you see within a very close amount exactly how many calories you are burning everyday. It will keep track of everything you (from daily walking, to workouts, etc.).

(3) MAKE SURE # 2 ABOVE IS LESS THAN # 1 – In other words, make sure the calories you are burning each day is more than the calories you can eating/consuming.

Don’t fall victim do the billion dollar industry who only wants you to go from this crash diet to that so that they can continue to fill their pockets with cash. Follow the simple guide above, and you without doubt, will lose all the belly fat you want.