What Is The Catabolic Diet?

Catabolic Diet Is Based On Certain Foods

The idea of the Catabolic diet is to eat food that requires more calories to digest it than it provides for your body.  The authors of the Catabolic diet have a stable of about 100 foods you can chose from that reportedly will cause you to lose weight.

The reasoning is is that it your body uses energy in digesting your food. Once you have put that piece of pie in your pie hole, it will use many organs and muscles to digest. You can probably think of a few right off the top of your head intestines, digestive juices, blood cells, liver, pancreas, etc.

The Catabolic Diet Numbers

That 450 calorie piece of pie at most requires around 50 calories to digest which results in  400 calories sent to the body for fuel. If the body does not require that much fuel then the excess is stored as fat.  Repeat this enough times and you are fat.

On the other hand a catabolic diet food might have 25 calories in a portion. Once you shove that down your pie hole you it will still require the 50 calories to digest and this leaves a 25 calorie deficit that your body has to make up from your fat stores.

Even though catabolic diets are not all that tasty and you have to stick to them like glue they do result in impressive weight loss.  As one doctor put it, “the diet works three times faster than starvation!”

Wicked Weight Loss

Dieters who can strictly adhere to the catabolic diet plan can lose up to 1 pound a day, there was a woman who went from 395 lbs. to 156 lbs. in mere months and had her 239 lbs weight loss story written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Not all is daises and roses with the Catabolic diet.  It can be hard to stick to, cost a lot once you factor in the cost of the recommended supplements and there are concerns about malnutrition.  It is not a diet for those people who have less than 15 pounds to lose.

When you factor in the fact that there are other diet plans available that give amazing results and do not have the dangers or difficulties of the catabolic diet then it should give you pause to think and do a little research before selecting any diet.

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