What is You Supposed to Take Care about Your Diet in Winter

What is You Supposed to Take Care about Your Diet in Winter


Chinese people believe that winter is a good season for tonic diets. Now that winter is coming, people may think of having tonic foods as what they do every year. However, there are certain principles that you should keep an eye on .


First of all, according to the traditional Chinese medical science, not all people need to eat tonic food in winter. Only those who have deficiency of vital energy, blood-insufficiency or some other insufficiencies need to take tonic diets in winter.


If you are unfortunately one of these people, then you should take this opportunity and recuperate your health. There are also some tips for you.


Traditional Chinese medical science thinks that the period from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring is the right time for tonic diets. During this period, halcyon days are the best time.


There are two basic approaches to recuperate your health in winter. One is through food and the other is medicine.


In winter people are supposed to eat food containing more sodium, potassium and calcium. Vegetable, liver, lean meat, fish and egg are good choices. These foods taste well and are alimentative, especially for those who have deficiencies.


The other approach is Chinese medicine. But different people have to take different medicines. Ginseng, astragalus membraneceus and dangshen are good for those who have deficiency of vital energy. Colla corri asini, Chinese angelica and medlar are good for people having blood-insufficiency. People can choose the right medicine for themselves according to their conditions.


However, before eating tonic foods, you have to clean up your stomach first. This is going to help you adsorb the nutrition better. Gorgon fruit is a good choice to help.

Then you are supposed to eat tonic foods step by step. You should keep a balanced diet and not eat too much at the same time.


At last let’s talk about the foods that are suitable to eat in winter. For people who have deficiency of vital energy, you can eat chestnut, peanut, jujube, black fungus and so on. For those who have blood-insufficiency, longan, carrot, corn, soya bean and coagulated pig blood as a food item are good foods.


What’s more, it is good to all people to eat some mutton, beef, goose, chicken and jujube in winter. It is hard to give you all the foods in one article, but if you are interested in it, you can ask some professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for advices. I wish you a happy and health winter.