What Kind Of Breakfast Is Helpful To Children’s Study

Breakfast is very important for the health and nutrition needed by the children. If parents do not pay enough attention to children’s breakfast, it is not only not conducive to the normal study of children, but may also cause many diseases.

American scientists have confirmed that, the academic achievement of the children who eat high-protein breakfast is superior to those who eat vegetarian breakfast, and the children who do not eat breakfast make the worst achievement in learning. If the children do not eat breakfast, it not only will make them susceptible to gastrointestinal disease, but also will reduce the effectiveness of the brain and affect the development of intelligence. What’s more, if they do not eat breakfast for a long-term, it will increase the level of cholesterol in the body, and may even easily lead to gallstone.

Many people are used to eating steamed bread, fried foods, and soybean milk at breakfast. And some other people like eating eggs, meat, and diary products. Although these foods are rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat, they all belong to acidic foods which contain a lot of sulphur and phosphorus. While vegetables belong to alkaline foods, which not only contain a lot of carotenoids and a variety of water-soluble vitamins, but also contains a lot of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and so on. If eating these two kinds of food improperly, it will cause the physiological disorder of acid-base balance in human body. If there is excessive acidic foods in the diet, it will easily lead to acidic blood, and even may cause calcium deficiency. For children, they will be susceptible to skin disease, fatigue, hyperacidity, and even constipation.

There are two types of food that children should not eat too much at breakfast. The first type is the food which contains a lot of carbohydrate. Because this type of food is rich in starch and sugar, so when it enters into the body, it can synthesize more serotonin, which has a sedative effect, so it will restrict the activity of brain cells and decrease the efficiency of work and study. The second type is high-fat food such as egg yolk and fried food. This is because the excessive intake of fat and cholesterol needs more time for digestion. This will make the blood accumulate in the abdomen for a long time, which will reduce the blood flow in the brain and make the brain cells lack of oxygen, thus leading to mental retardation. Nutritionists point out that, a scientific breakfast should be low-fat and low-sugar, with foods rich in protein, vitamins, lycopene, and other nutrients, such as pork, poultry, vegetables, fruit, low-fat milk, and so on. BOLA TANGKAS