What Kind Of Dog Feeder Is Right For Your Pet?

You need to make use of proper feeding supply while serving food to your precious dog. If you are planning to buy a dog food bowl then it is better to gather some info before starting your search. Markets are full of dog food and water bowls with wide-ranging designs and styles. This makes it all the more confusing for you to pick the right one for your dear pet.

While looking for the right feeder, make sure to consider your pets needs as it is he who has to use that bowl for his meals. The first thing to consider is the material and make of dog bowls. The bowl chosen by you should be spill proof, easy to clean, grease proof, safe, durable and above all should be able to withstand the temperature inside the dishwasher. Dog food bowls as well as dog water bowls must be chosen while keeping the size of your pet in mind.

Some of the commonest types of pet bowls include:

Plastic Bowls: Plastic dog or cat water bowl, appear to be the top choice of most pet owners. This is because these bowls are relatively cheaper as compared to the other types present in the market. But the fact is that such bowls are not suitable for dogs or cats as they are likely to get scratched because of the pets sharp teeth. These scratches provide perfect place for the bacteria to breed. Apart from this some pets have been known to be allergic towards plastic.
Ceramic Bowls: These kinds of bowls are mainly used by dog owners. Ceramic bowls are heavy enough to avoid spilling and also allow the dog owners to microwave the food of their canine companion. With the passage of time, these bowls can develop cracks that allow germs and bacteria to harbor.

Stainless Steel Bowls: These bowls make the best choice because of their non-skid bottom, scratch proof surface and immense durability. In addition to these benefits stainless steel bowls are easy to clean, safe and rust proof. Most vets recommend the use of such bowls for feeding pets.