What Kind Of Earrings Should You Wear In Different Situations

The style of the earrings is important to women when we buy earrings. However, there are some other elements that we should take into consideration: the color of your skin, the feature of your face, the season, the clothes you are wearing and the fashion trends. Lets discuss these one by one.

Firstly, you should choose the right colors which are fit for your skin. Its better for people with deeper-skin to wear light-colored earrings. Similarly, dark-colored earrings look better on people with lighter skin. People with pale complexions are lucky because they do not need to worry about this. Besides, gold is the color that suits everyone.

Secondly, appropriate earrings can make your face more beautiful. If you have big face, youd better wear big earrings. Triangular earrings and water-dropped earrings are also good choices for these people. If your face is small, then you can wear earrings of normal size. Two or three cm is the best. For those whose faces are round, poissardes and pendants will show your maturity and pretty. People with oval faces have no limitations in the shape of their earrings. Since their lineaments are so mild, earrings of similar shape will get the best visual effect. The only point is to mind the size of your earrings. If you have square face, you can wear oval earrings, heart-shaped earrings or earrings shaped in flowers. If you have long face, youd better wear round studs. And if you have a pointed chin, you can get triangular earrings or earrings shaped in water-drop.

Whats more, ladies with big earlobes will get a better effect with small earrings. Namely, big earrings are better choices for those who have small earlobes.

Thirdly, you should wear different earrings in different seasons. Generally speaking, earrings made of lithe materials are common in summer. Sterling silver earrings are more suitable in winter. You can also choose some specially-made earrings in certain holidays.

Fourthly, your earrings should go with your clothes. If you are wearing a dress, then you can wear tasseled earrings. Studs would be better if you are in a casual coat. As to suits, pearl earrings are the best choices.

Last but not least, you must pay attention to the fashion trend of this year, too. The basic principle is that your earrings are supposed to individualize you and differentiate you from the others.

The most important thing when choosing a pair of earrings is that they are what you want. Thats why you buy them. BOLA TANGKAS