What makes expensive face creams really work?


Does expensive face creams really work? Their are about 100 plus different products out there in the market. From expensive creams like Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, all the way down to Neutrogena. I am a face cream tester. I try to try all different kind of face cream from different companies.

I compare them to the ingredients, moisture, the smell, and color. What I have found is that all creams have similar ingredients, and what the product can do for my face. I also have to live in climate that has dry weather so I have to look for a cream that has good SPF protection.

I have used Lancome cream, Elizabeth Arden, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena cream,and Revlon cream. I did not find any difference in any of the creams. They still did want creams usually due to my face. They all made my skin soft, young looking, and protect from the sun and cold weather.

For me going to the department store is a little bit tough so than I began using products that I can find locally. I do not shop on-line often only when I really need to because of the delivery charges. I am alway comparing prices from different store in town and use my coupons. I find the product that I like and I continue to use it.

Buying from the department store, there is one perk and that is receiving free gift when purchasing certain amount.

So in conclusion I do not feel there is a difference in using expensive creams versus inexpensive creams. For me I alway look at cost and how good the product is for my face. I usually like Revlon, Neutrogena, and Oil of Olay face creams. I am very protective on what I use for my face and body. I have read that some of the expensive cream company own the inexpensive cream company. For example Lancome company owns Loreal company.

I have also seen on TV and some magazines when they compare inexpensive with expensive products. They all usually say that the effect of the product is the same so you do not have to purchase expensive creams to do the trick all the time. Sometimes changes for face creams and hair can help the look and feel of your face.

My main point is do your own homework and see which product is good for your face. I think you will come to the same conclusion I did.