What People Are Saying About the New Apple iPod Touch 8GB

The Apple iPod touch 8GB could be the latest generation of iPod and comes with a host of new features and apps which includes two new cameras, advanced gaming features and HD video recording and editing.

On one customer review site, about 75% of all reviews gave the new iPod touch 8GB four or 5 stars out of 5. Customers are impressed with the new features for this latest model. For one thing, it’s Apple’s sleekest model yet.

The super thin design with chrome backing makes it look great, although the chrome backing can be prone to developing scratches.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade will be the inclusion of not one, but two cameras. The camera within the front is designed for close up pics, while the one inside the back is far more suitable for longer variety photos. iPod users have been calling for your inclusion of a camera and Apple has obliged with not one, but two.

Customers also love the new 3.5 inch HD widescreen Retina display, which gives them sharper, a lot more clearly defined images.

This is great for reading books or other documents online, allowing you to see the full width of a webpage to the screen.

The means to record and edit video in HD is a major new plus. It also comes with wireless-n which gives you a much faster Wi-Fi connection speed. The new battery is 15% larger and allows you to listen to 40 hrs of audio or watch 7 hrs of video on a single charge.

People are impressed with the array of activities the new iPod supports, which include a new Game Center, the Genius playlist function as well as video features which allow you to edit your movies and add music or still photos to the mix.

Buyers found that the reduction in storage capacity through the 32 GB model wasn’t a practical problem since the 8 GB model still gives you plenty of storage space and comes with all the new upgrades.

Customers have overwhelmingly endorsed the new Apple iPod 8GB as a great tool for music lovers, gamers or TV or movie buffs who want to take their entertainment with them wherever they go.

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