What Recourse Do You Have When Involved in a Motor Automobile Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

Even although the law requires it, each driver in the UK does not have motor vehicle insurance cover. Estimates location this quantity at a lot more than a million drivers. Unfortunately, this circumstance leads to higher fees to insured drivers given that their premiums are higher to cover the amounts that insurers should spot into a particular fund. This fund is mandated by the MIB or Motor Insurance coverage Bureau in an effort to make funds available to drivers who discover themselves involved in a motor automobile accident with an uninsured driver.

What You Require to Do at the Accident Scene

Follow the duties and responsibilities offered by the Road Targeted traffic Act of 1988 and your insurer when the accident occurs. This contains sharing speak to and insurance info, taking the names and speak to details of witnesses, and contacting both the police and your insurer. Adhere to any recommendations that you are conscious of.

In addition to these actions, it is important to get the registration quantity of the motor vehicle. This is specifically critical if the driver turns out to be uninsured. Usually, uninsured drivers supply false data concerning their names and speak to info. They might even give you the name of an insurer without having providing any relevant paperwork or proof of insurance coverage cover. The MIB requires you to have the appropriate car registration number if placing a claim.

Take notes and create down all of the data that you are offered. Even if it isn’t accurate, it might provide clues as to the driver’s true identity. If you have a camera or cell telephone with photo-taking capability, take a image of the other driver and the automobile. You can supply this to the insurer or the MIB when you make your claim.

When to Place a Claim against an Uninsured Driver to the Motor Insurance Bureau

If you determine to location a claim against an uninsured driver to the Motor Insurance Bureau, you need to comply with a specific timeframe:

*The motor car accident have to have been reported to the police.
*The claim for injuries should be placed in the first 3 years following the accident.
*The claim for damages to home must be placed throughout the six years that adhere to the accident.

How Does the Motor Insurance Bureau Method the Claim against an Uninsured Driver?

The Motor Insurance Bureau conducts a thorough investigation that will accomplish the following:

*Establish the details of the motor vehicle accident.
*Confirm the identity of every individual involved in the incident.
*Verify the police reports that have been completed concerning the accident.
*Request and evaluation impartial reports on the damages of the motor vehicle from mechanics.
*Request and evaluation impartial reports on the motor car accident from witnesses.
*Request and review healthcare reports on injuries sustained in the motor automobile accident.
*Request and assessment info obtained from your insurer or the DVLA or Driver and Car Licensing Agency.
*Request and review an impartial report relating to the motor vehicle accident.

Intro: Sadly, there are a lot of uninsured drivers in the UK. Fortunately, the MIB has produced a fund to aid those drivers who are involved in a motor automobile accident with one of these drivers. Learn far more and defend your self.
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