What Room Is Best For Roller Blinds?

Roller type blinds are incredibly versatile. They are durable, adjustable and budget friendly. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and can be mould and stain resistant. They can keep heat in, keep light out, create ambience and instantly update the style of any room in which they are hung.

But, how do you know which rooms are best for roller window blinds? Before you write off any room in your house, consider our quick guide.


Roller blinds with scalloped edges have been a popular choice for use in kitchens for years. Adding a splash of colour, a light-weight roller blind will allow sufficient daylight through, whilst providing a degree of privacy.

If the roller blind on your kitchen window is likely to get splashed with water, ensure you opt for the wipe-clean variety. Heavy weighted blinds are not best for kitchens, as they can absorb cooking smells and retain moisture.


For shift workers and mothers of young children, the blackout variety is without doubt an essential addition to any bedroom. Indeed, anyone with a penchant for a lie-in can benefit from blackout roller blinds. Remember though, the fit needs to be right, you do not want any stray rays of sun snaking their way in, so take care when measuring up for made to measure blinds in the bedroom.

Those with health and safety fears can be quick to discount roller blinds in a kid’s bedroom. However, the simple addition of a safety kit for the chain mechanism can usually counteract these fears.


You may think the last place to put a roller blind is in a hot, moisture ridden, mould prone environment, but you would be wrong! Advances in roller blind design, technology and fabric design mean that specifically treated mould resistant material has been developed. This makes roller blinds ideal for bathroom, providing the additional privacy required.

Living Room

The wide variety of material available means that you can create a stylish look in your living room, whilst choosing the amount of light you wish to allow into the room. Roller blinds also offer a quick and easy solution to banishing glare on the television. They can also helping to insulate rooms in winter and keep rooms cool in summer. Neutral tones can make roller blinds fade into the background or provide additional support to curtains, whereas statement blinds can carry a room all on their own. BOLA TANGKAS