What Should Go On A Business Card?

In this day and age, it is very rare that people do not have their own business card.  Whether you are a construction worker, a corporate business man, a hair dresser or a doctor, not having a business card is just unheard of anymore.  But what goes into making a business card?  What is crucial to include and what doesn’t need to be bothered with?  Well, first you want to start with your name.  This is an obvious step; however, it still needs to be said.  If you have a middle name, you can include it on your business card but it is not necessary. 

Next you should include the company that you work for with the logo that represents that company.  This gives your business card a little customization and is extremely eye catching to others.  If your company has its own website, you will definitely want to include the URL for that website.  Because the internet is so popular these days, people will automatically look for a URL to research and read up on what the company is all about.  It is also beneficial to put the full address of your company.  It is always good to put a “face” to the name.  Putting an address allows people to physically go to your business and see what it looks like in person.

Another vital piece of information to put on your custom business cards is your position at the company.  This way people can see exactly what you do and the level of responsibility you have at your place of work.  This, believe it or not, speaks volumes about you.  Lastly, you should put your phone number and email address on your business card.  Emailing and cell phone usage are two of the most common ways that people get in touch with other people these days.  If you don’t have at least an email, most people will not even make an attempt to contact you. 

There are always those other elements to put on your business card such as, your Facebook and MySpace addresses, Skype address and fax number; however, these things are not as important as the others are.  You can even use color business cards to add a little something extra to the overall appeal.  Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with your business cards.  People want to see that you love what you do and are proud to be doing it.  You’d be shocked at how your business card can portray just that.   

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