What Should You Eat to Prevent Migraines?

There is quite sound scientific evidence that a major cause of migraine is how you react to food. Different people have various sensitivity towards food. You may heard the famous “5C” that may cause migraine (The “5C” are chocolate, cheese, claret, coffee and citrus fruits.) The newest research also suggested that the most common food trigger is wheat.

Giving enough attention to above foods may help you improve general health and prevent or reduce future migraine attacks.

Is there something we could eat without worrying? Is there some food we could eat to prevent migraines?

Yes, paying enough attention to your food is a big step in migraine natural cure process. We recommend the following food for your meal, you could find

Breakfast—Some people get migraines in the afternoon and disappears by the evening. A morning preventive meal can reduce migraines effectively from occurring.

Remember to take a glass of warm water when you get up, and if you could, please add 1 spoon of honey in your water, that will be great start for a busy day.

Lunch—After your morning study and work, what you need most is a high protein lunch.

Do not be afraid of the word protein. Egg is not the only food you will eat for your lunch. Legumes, fish, lean beef, turkey, chicken, nuts and grains are all good sources of protein.

Together with vegetables like beans, mushrooms and potato salads and broccoli, your lunch could be as versatile once you get used to it.

Afternoon tea—–Ripe grapes juice is very useful in reducing migraine pain. After several hours of intense work, do drink some grape juice please.

Dinner—Do eat some raw salads, like spinach, cucumber, etc. Potato could also be a good option. As we have mentioned wheat may be a cause for migraine, you could try cereals or rice as your main dish.

During dinner, you should remember to drink water, and if it is possible, you could try some carrot juice. It may ease your nerve and help you relax after a tired day and put you in a good condition for a sound sleep.

Eating to prevent migraines is possible and worth trying. After you made up your eating habit, you should feel rather comfortable by the end of the day, though you may just have just a tired working day, but now you no longer need to worry about your migraine problems, because you have already grasped one of the essence of the migraine natural cure, eat healthy, enjoy your migraine free days!