What Skate Shoe is Best for You?

Skate shoes are a popular style of shoe, even for those who are not into skateboarding. One of the main reasons why the shoe style is so popular is comfort. Durability is close behind in the reasons why so many people choose them over ordinary tennis shoes. There are so many styles to choose from at Journeys and Famous Footwear; how do you know which is the right skate shoe for you?

If You’re Not a Skateboarder

If you are not a skateboarder then the shoe style is your main concern–how it looks and how it fits. Be sure that when you try the shoe on that it fits you correctly. The one big misconception that people have when they buy shoes is that they need to be broken in; this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Your shoes should be comfortable and feel as though they were meant for your feet at the time you buy them; if you have to break them, they were not the right fit to begin with. So, with the information on hand about how to properly fit your feet to the perfect shoe, just look for the style and design that suits you best. If you plan to wear the shoes regularly, look for ones that are neutral in color so they will not clash with your clothing choices.

If You’re into Skateboarding

If you love to skateboard then your decision on the type of shoe you buy will have more detail behind it. You want to ensure that the shoes offer durability since they will be rubbed along the side of the board, dragged across the pavement and will have to endure long hours of skateboarding each day. Look for grip and flexibility; you want to be able to hug the board with your foot, so you need some bend on the shoe. The grip is important to ensure you do not slip off the board and risk an injury. You should also look for safety features such as shoestring hiders or caps; this will hold shoelaces in place and prevent them from coming undone and dangling dangerously near the wheels of the skateboard.

Skate shoes do cost more than your regular tennis shoes, but there is a reason behind this…quality. If you are planning on wearing your skate shoes for what they are intended for, they will last much longer than ordinary shoes and in the long run save you money since one pair will last as long as three or four pairs of ordinary tennis shoes under the same amount of stress. No matter if you are buying them for style or for the durability, you will love the selection that is offered and should have no problem finding the pair or pairs that you love. So, get out there and start surfing the net to find that perfect pair of skate shoes that you will not only love to wear but will love to wear out.


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