What the Best Reg Cleaner Must to Do to Your Computer

Choosing the best reg cleaner might not be easy since a computer user will only be sure whether the product is good or not after it has been used and the effects on the computer can be assessed. However, there are certain basic functions that a registry cleaner should be able to do before it can even be considered an effective utility tool.

In finding the best reg cleaner, a computer user should look into products that have more than low prices and good packaging to offer. To make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth, consider the following capabilities.

1) Detect the errors that cause problems to the computer. The more number of errors it can detect, the better it is. However, quantity should not be enough. A good registry cleaner should also be able to identify error files that cause the computer to freeze, slowdown and crash. Some errors may appear on the error list but their effect on the system might be negligible and removing them will just be a waste of time.

2) Repair common ActiveX errors. Although there are simple steps that allow a computer user to repair ActiveX errors, there are certain types of these computer problems that cannot be repaired in such a way. For these more advanced types, a registry cleaner should be able to do the job. ActiveX errors are usually caused by misconfigured files and erroneous browser settings.

3) Remove unnecessary browser helper object (BHO). A BHO is designed as a plugin for Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer. Infected BHOs can cause problems to a computer’s operations by making it easy for unauthorized users to change the browser’s interface which could lead to a host of operational problems. The job of a registry utility tool is to remove these unnecessary BHOs and with it, the problems they created.

4) Defrag. A registry cleaner should be able to prevent or reduce fragmentation in the computer’s file system. Fragmentation is when a file system is unable to sequentially lay out related data which leads to content modification. An effective registry utility software device should have the ability to promote content organization among the files contained in the computer.

5) Automatically create backups. This is one of the most important features of a good registry tool. In some cases, files that are still needed by the program are included in the error list and deleted by the tool. Registry tools that have backup capabilities can eliminate the danger of totally losing important files and data that are still needed by a computer to become operational.

The best reg cleaner does not necessarily mean that it should be the cheapest available nor it is the one with the most number of features. In searching for an appropriate registry cleaner software, consider the list above and select your brand based on these considerations.