What to Ask Webinar Providers to Get the Deal That is Best For You

Big savings can be made for all businesses big and small using the technology of webinar providers. This is can be done instead of the traditional face to face meetings which can cost all involved time and money which could be used in other areas. As well as helping the environment with less travel carbon emissions, webinars are giving businesses the ability to contact more people world wide more effectively. Webinars can never replace all of the 500+ meetings some large company managers have to attend in an average year, but they can replace a great deal of them.

The number of webinar providers has increased over the last few years due to the high growth in the usage of webinars by those in the corporate world who have the foresight to see the massive potential to get in touch with any number of people world-wide simultaneously. As such some webinar providers with their fancy wording in their advertising campaigns are making offers that appear too good to be true. So how can you select the best from the rest?

When looking through the list of prospective webinar providers, there are a few questions you can ask which could save you a lot of money in the longer term.

1/ Including the phone calls how much will a conference call cost? Advertised free conference calls can at times be more expensive than paid services due to higher call rates.

2/ When does the charging start? When the first person dials up or when the host arrives? Some participants can ring in up to 10 minutes before a conference call even starts.

3/ Are you charged for people who are booked in for the call but fail to show? Webinars are pre booked when many participants are expected, but not everyone will show up. Make sure you are not charged for no-shows.

4/ Are charges separated into local & international on a conference call. Can you get an itemised break down of calls so as to make sure you are not charged at the highest rate for all calls.

5/ If any premium prices seem to be high, question them. What is so special about that service? Check with to one or two other reputable services to find out if they offer the same and what is their rate.

Shopping around and asking webinar providers these questions will make sure you are not being taken in by fancy mass advertising propaganda that could cost you a great deal if tied up in a contract.