What To Do When Sit N Go Tournament Play Is Too Slow

Sit N Go tournaments, although very fast to start, can sometimes go very slow and take a long time. Even a few table tournaments can take a couple of hours to complete.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focussed in a Sit N Go tournament when you haven’t been dealt anything even remotely playable for a while, and the whole time you are just sitting there bored. Know what I mean?

Well, instead of having another window open and surfing the net, reading blogs and whatnot, here are the things you should really be doing

Sit N Go Tournament Activity Number 1

Watching and counting how many pots your opponents are playing. Tally up how many pots they play per say, 5 or 10 mins, and also tally how many you are playing too. This will give you an indication as to how loose the table is. You might need to change up your game to stay in the game.

Sit N Go Tournament Activity Number 2

Watch how much each opponent bets when they are first to enter the pot pre-flop. Write this down and continue to record it. See if you can figure out a standard bet size each player makes, or are they varying it? This will help you when you in fact want to play at a pot too.

Sit N Go Tournament Activity Number 3

Write down and record the cards that you see when each player wins a pot. So when a player wins a pot and it reveals what cards they have, record this. Try to figure out any patterns, or at the very least, are the cards always A-K-Q or are they lower type cards?

I’m sure by now you are realizing there are many things you can be doing in a Sit N Go tournament even if you aren’t playing the hand. These are the things that are crucial to actually winning. If you aren’t paying attention like this then that is probably the reason you are losing, if you are in fact losing.

You’re probably becoming very aware of how useful all this information will be to you when you do play at a pot. To have an idea of what cards your opponent might have or how much they might bet is absolutely invaluable to be able to out play them.

But how many more things are there? You probably are thinking about this right now. In fact, there are many more things you could be doing which will help you game. How many can you think of?

If you need some help, I suggest you continue to research and learn on this subject, because some of the most important things you can do when you play Sit N Go tournaments are in fact done when you are not playing at all (how ironic).