What To Do When You Are In San Antonio

Let me guess, you’ve finally decided to pay san antonio a visit? Well good for you! I’ve decided to list for you a bunch of locales, tourist sights and things to do and check out while there.

1. The Infamous Riverwalk – This is probably the central “in” location around the city of San Antonio. It is here where you will find the most random people walking about, shopping, having fun and socializing. It is here that you will get to visit a bunch of fancy clubs and bars at night, or simply enjoy a cafe in the day. Alternatively you can stroll the green part which is like a mini park and enjoy the environment and the trees.

2. Sea World San Antonio – This is probably one of the better sea worlds in the country. Even if you have been to plenty of sea worlds before, I still recommend giving this one a try, because it really does stand out, and has its own unique “flavor” and twist on the attractions.

3. Mcnay Museum – You definetely want to see this one. Its a spanish colonial style home that now functions as a museum. It displays magnificient works of art by people like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir etc… The museum itself, architecturally is a sight to behold, even if you’re not interested in modern art

4. The Alamo – Don’t tell me you haven’t though about this? You can’t possibly visit san antonio without giving the alam a visit! In fact, if you mention you were in SA, everyone will ask you what you thought about the alamo! So far, its said that a sizeable percentage of the USA population has visited this location.

5. The Sunset Station – A definite stop among all the other I listed. This one is kind of different to the others as there’s nothing housed in it. The station itself is the thing to see, and its a really cool, unique place to see.

6. Tower of Americas – Luckily for you and me, this wonder is open to the public. In fact, you can even go eat at the top. This tower, was really built to communicate to the future generations (that’s us), how Americans in the middle of the century had great optimism for the future.