What To Expect In The 1st Trimester: For A Smooth Ride To Motherhood.

There are many joys when you first realise that you are pregnant. At first there is a lot of excitement and realistic expectation of what to do for pregnancy, what not to do, to keep safe, and see signs of morning sickness where you finally start to believe in that wonderful joyous moment that you are going to have a baby.

The first Tri Semester of pregnancy is always an exciting yet a scary time which is marked with a world of transformation to your body, but at the same time it is amazing experience. The symptoms you get are annoying, but it is quite normal to have nausea, vomiting, food aversion and fatigue. However if any of these symptoms increase with recurring headaches or swelling of feet and face, then immediate medical attention is required.

Every pregnant woman is different, you tend to get dampened at low ebb when you cannot keep the food down, or when you have to visit the toilet every couple of minutes, this dampens your mood and you go through mood swings For Pregnancy.

At the end of the First Trimester you would have gained weight and your waistline keeps increasing and starting to expand. Besides from growing your baby bump you will realise that this natural and wonderful creation of a human form, which is a marvellous feeling that most of you go through to make your life complete. You will feel less tired and start to feel better. Iron supplements may constipate you hence you need to take a lot of fibre and drink lots of fluids.

The last four weeks of the Trimester is crucial for the baby for the development of the baby. The baby grows and most of the vital organs are formed. Your baby will start to develop his gender and by the end of 12 weeks, your baby will be fully formed. The risk of defects is reduced at this stage.

The 1St Trimester your body goes through voluminous changes since it requires you to sustain a life inside it. Therefore stay hydrated and drink lots of juices that are high in water content. Alcohol leads to unusual facial features that can make the baby mentally retarded. Cigarettes can cause sudden infant death, premature delivery and low birth weight.

For Pregnancy to be a smooth ride of life take all the precautionary measures , and for the 1st Trimester is very vital to allow your body to adopt to the rapid changes , in spite of all this you will find your pregnancy to be an indescribable amazing experience.