What to Know About the Anti Aging Face Regimen

We exercise our bodies to stay in shape. Our face is no exception, it too has many muscles that can be exercised to help in our anti aging face regimen. Toning the connective tissues and muscles will make them more resilient and elastic and that is what makes us appear youthful. Hormones play a major role in how we age as does our diet and stress. Using quality facial products that contain ingredients which fight aging will help in looking your best.

People spend thousands of dollars on facial surgeries that are not only expensive but require a lot of time to heal and then you are not sure of the results. With a little knowledge about what to do yourself you could achieve wonderful results naturally. The stores, magazines and commercials are all loaded with products claiming to give you a more youthful appearance. Women in their 20’s and 30’s are concerned about aging and are quite often the models used to sell these products. The loss of elastin and collagen are some of the reasons our faces appear older. Genetics play a major part as do our lifestyle choices such as smoking and sun exposure.

Along with exercise choose products that contain retinal to reduce wrinkles. It is the only product that is FDA approved for wrinkle reduction and proven to product results. Drinking green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce the puffiness and redness that can make your face look older.

Alpha hydroxy acids are gentle exfoliants that remove dry skin and dead cells to expose the smooth new skin beneath. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen assisting your skin in staying supple and firm. DHEA preserves the skin and is a hormone found in wrinkle treatments that are very effective.

Some of the results you might see would be the elimination of bags and dark circles under your eyes giving you a more youthful open eye appearance. Double chins and saggy jaw lines could be refined into a more youthful and smooth contour.

Sagging necks and wrinkled skin could be tight and smooth. Lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth would even out. Labial fold lines and hanging nasal folds would lift and there would be no laugh lines.

Taking care of yourself and incorporating some good habits and using the right products will certainly assist you in maintaining a youthful appearance. It takes very little time to eat right, exercise and use products that will help your face to look the best it can.