What to Look For in Big and Tall Suits

It has become an industry all to its self as the big and tall niche is filling a much need gap in the market place. Unlike other outlier body types, such as short men who are asked to make due by tailoring bigger sizes down, the men who comprise the big and tall demographic have no options other than to buy the right size. After all there is no way to make a smaller size bigger.

Because of this more and more manufacturers and designers are taking notice and are now designing clothing for this market segment. It still can be tough to find clothing, places like Rochester Big and Tall, and 2XXL casual male have surely helped, but the one garment item where it still can be frustrating is in suiting. Trying to put together a working suit wardrobe from the limited selection in stores can be a challenge but not at all impossible.

Here are some dos and donts:

Do look for the right size. Unless you are the size of Andre the Giant, big and tall designers do make almost every size you can think of. So take the time and look for the size you need.
Do have a great tailor to alter and adjust the suit. More likely than not, nothing is going to fit perfect right off the bat, so having a relationship with a great tailor will make a difference. Look for reviews on sites like yelp and city search, and drop by his or her shop to talk abut what can and cant be altered before you shop.
Keep it simple. Unless you are going the custom suits route where there can be thousands of choices, off the rack is still very limited. Stick with solid and neutral colors, Navy, Charcoal gray etc. This may seem boring but will allow you to Maximize the accessories you can match it up with. Since you will have to wear the same suit you will want to liven it up with a broad selection of ties ans shirts.
Keep it proportionate. Buy stuff that is bigger in proportion. while skinny ties and slim lapels are in the do not belong on you. they may look great on the magazines but these MOD styles will look cartoonish on a big and tall frame.
If possible buy two pairs of pants. Pants are the fastest thing to wear out on big and tall suits. Two pairs will lengthen the life span of a great suit.